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The following trail information is provided in partnership with the Marshfield Recreation Trails Committee. Please visit their page at www.marshfield-ma.gov for more details information on trail classifications, maps, pictures, trail markings and more!

These trails are all suitable for the following activities: Hiking, Dog Walking, Biking, Horseback Riding & Nordic Skiing

Bridle Trail

(North of South River St)

Description: The entire trail is easy to navigate with a mix of asphalt and gravel surface. The entire length from South River St. to Pinehurst is 2.75 miles or 90 minutes.

Parking: Available at the trail entrance on South River Street next to the substation. Parking is also available at the Ferry Street entrance.

Carolina Hill

(At Main Street, Eames Way, & Bridle Trail)

Description: This 775 acre reservation is interconnected by a trail network of variable difficulty. 

Parking: Several parking locations surrounding the reserve.

Corn Hill

(at Union St. and Corn Hill Lane)

Description: A 123 acre parcel featuring a rustic trail system threading through mature forest crisscrossed by generations of stone walls. This is a quiet, remote trail that can be hiked in about one hour.


Parking: There is a small parking area off Union Street with unofficial shoulder parking along Corn Hill Road.

Couch Beach

(at Union St and Arrowhead Rd)

Description: This trail is about a 1/4 mile in each direction. South Rail leading to beach is more narrow, North trail is capable of accommodating a vehicle.


Parking: Parking is permitted on the paved pathways of Couch Cemetery.

Furnace Brook

(between Main Street and Forest Street)

Description: Generally easy to hike trail, approximately 1 mile in length


Parking: St. Christine’s Church provides parking, from which a walk along the narrow Route 3A shoulder is required for trail access.

John Little Conservation Land

(at Union St south of Corn Hill Lane)

Description: From parking area to dock overlooking North River is approximately 1.1 miles or 35 minutes.


Parking: Parking is available in a single lot on Union St.

Jose Carreiro & Two Mile Farm

(at Union St and Maryland St)

Description: A combined trail system totaling about 3 miles of natural surface trail. Several interconnected loops and routes that can be utilized to create your own hike! 

Parking: There is a gravel lot off Union Street for about 12 cars and in the cul-de-sac on Maryland Street.

North River Town Lands

(at Highland St and Union St)

Description: These three areas share an extensive trail network that can be wandered for hours! A wide range of levels can be found. Several one mile trails E to W and N to S. 


Parking: Two parking areas along Union St. provide space for 10-15 vehicles each.

Webster's Wilderness

(North of Senior Center)

Description: Round trip from senior center 1 mile; traverse entire trail network approx. 3.5 miles 


Parking: Parking available at trail entrances at the Senior Center & Wheeler Athletic Complex.

Wharf Creek

(at Calyspo Lane and Dyke Rd)

Description: Extremely rugged and only skilled navigators should use them.

Parking: Street parking on Calypso Lane is permitted.


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