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welcome to marshfield

The Town of Marshfield is located in Southeastern Massachusetts in Plymouth County. A coastal community 30 miles from Boston, Marshfield has a yearly population of about 25,000 people which grows to about 40,000 in the summer months. The town’s rich history of over 350 years dates back to the pre-revolutionary war era and is best known as the home of Daniel Webster from 1832 until his death in 1852. While a resident he was a very important national political figure and was known as “the Farmer of Marshfield”. He served as a MA Congressman, US Senator and as the US Secretary of State. 

Marshfield is 31.70 square miles in area, and contains 28.50 square miles of land and 3.25 square miles of water. The town has a traditional New England government structure with a three- member board of selectmen, an administrator and an open town meeting. Among the basic services provided to residents are public safety, schools, water and sewer, trash removal, recreation, public library and senior center. 

Marshfield is active throughout the year with events such as the Marshfield Fair, which attracts visitors from all over the State. The community takes pride in the education it offers its young people, in its sports programs and in its unique environmental beauty both on the coast and inland.

Our mission

There is so much to discover in our beautiful, coastal community. From beaches, to hiking trails, to water sports, to dining and shopping, there is something for everyone.

In this world of behemoth retailers, we hope that you won’t forget to support local! Small businesses are the crux of a community, providing residents and guests invaluable services, products, and experiences. The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce is passionate about advocating for these businesses, and making Marshfield a better, safer place for residents and businesses alike.

Whether you are here to live, work, play, or discover, we thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to seeing you around town!


Thank you for visiting our site! We hope that you have found great restaurants, places to shop and hidden gems in the town on Marshfield! Support LOCAL!


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